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Mission Statement
    WRGA develops software tools and methods to improve the use of geospatial technologies across the Corps business areas to effectively manage water resources, emergency situations, real estate, environmental restoration, regulatory activities, navigation, and operations projects and programs.

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Geospatial Portals

  • Provide customer-focused solutions in an enterprise geospatial framework.
  • Use CorpsMap and Web Services to provide real-time data analysis.
  • Assist with regulatory actions and marine sanctuaries or critical habitats.
  • Provide DoD with strategic maps and geospatial data resources.
  • Manage the National Levee Database for future asset management risk analyses.

Geospatial Analytics

  • Develop real-time data collection technologies that streamline field data collection and analysis efforts through database integration, analysis, and dissemination.
  • Integrate geospatial data with business process data in the development of applied tools.
  • Develop state-of-the-art ground, aerial, and marine-based LiDAR technologies and applications for terrain reconstruction and analysis.
  • Manipulate project-scale and/or temporal-scale datasets spatially for characterization, evaluation, and remediation.
  • Use remote sensing of the physical environment to identify and analyze holistic-scale information and efficiently disseminate it to stakeholders.

Wetlands Research

  • Assist in wetlands delineation studies and training.
  • Understand vegetation-soil relationships at a wetland boundary.
  • Conduct strata analysis and develop stata definitions.
  • Assist in increasing the reliability of wetland plant indicator statuses.
  • Model "ordinary" discharge events in arid channels.

Uses for Spiral Development Models

  • Guide multi-stakeholder concurrent engineering of software-intensive systems.
  • Ensure interoperability and extensibility.
  • Be "Relevant, Ready, Responsive, Reliable."

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