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Mission Statement
    To conduct research and develop decision-making and prediction products focused on the sensor-target interaction and influence of terrain and weather environment on signal propagation.

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Signature Physics Support Various Efforts

  • Electromagnetic remote sensing and subsurface detection of Unexploded Ordnance (UO).
  • Soil characterization in regions of the world of interest to the Army.
  • Effects of electrical properties of vegetation and near-surface and sub-ionospheric atmospheric disturbances.
  • Characterization of electromagnetic air/surface wave propagation.
  • Electromagnetic remote sensing and sub-surface detection of UO.
  • Environmental effects on seismic/acoustic wave propagation and sensors.

Seek Out Solutions to the Army's Most Challenging Problems

  • Three-D expressions for seismic waves subject to strongly heterogenous near-surface geological conditions for several scalings.
  • Three-D expressions for acoustic waves affected by boundary layer meteorology, heterogeneous ground impedance and topographic and terrain feature controls.
  • Personnel signatures (seismic, infrared, visual, and acoustic) due to weather, terrain, and cultural activity.

Exciting New Developments

  • Seismic signal modeling for battlefield sensors.
  • Electromagnetic modeling and numerical methods.
  • Signature phenomena and other exploitation techniques for remote sensing of kinetic hazards.
  • Infrasound propagation in complex environments.

Signature Physics Core Competencies

  • Seismic/acoustic sensing in complex environments.
  • Sensor performance modeling, decision making, and uncertainty analyses.
  • Sensor-based security.
  • Unexploded ordnance discrimination and assessment.
  • All-season near-surface phenomenology.

Signature Physics Research Tools

  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Electromagnetic Induction Techniques
  • Seismic and Acoustic Real-Time Data Collection
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • High-Performance COmputing Capability
  • Stochastical Modeling of Nonlinear Effects

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