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Mission Statement
    Combine research and engineering practice to develop innovative solutions for challenging maneuver and support problems in temperate/extreme conditions and/or in remote locations.

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All-Terrain/All-Season Vehicle Mobility

  • Studies of environmental impact and rutting on military training lands.
  • Analysis of vehicle-terrain interactions.
  • Real-time vehicle simulations.
  • Characterization and improvement of materials and engineered systems for all-season maneuver support.
  • Development of models for all-season terrain mechanics.
  • Modeling and simulation of manned and unmanned vehicle performance.
  • Terrain analysis and speed maps for military operations.
  • Studies of cold effects on manned and robotic vehicle operations.
  • Development of winter algorithms for NATO Reference Mobility Model.

Force Projection Airfields in Remote and Austere Environments

  • Upgrading of standards for C-17 operations on unimproved and unpaved runways.
  • Application of engineering principles for force projection and operations sustainment in austere environments.
  • Analysis of helicopter icing and operations in blowing snow or dust.
  • Application of manned and unmanned vehicle concepts for austere environments.
  • Remote assessment of landing sites for aircraft, helicopters, and UAVs.

Sustaining Operations in Remote, Extremely Cold Conditions

  • Identification and mitigation of crevasse hazards in the McMurdo Shear Zone.
  • Research to improve the Army's ability to conduct operations in extreme climates and remote locations.
  • Determination of operational and logistic needs for challenging environments.
  • Arctic and Antarctic operation and logistics support.
  • Development of advanced over-snow towing concepts for Antarctic heavy logistics.
  • Engineering of Antarctic snow and ice runways for enhanced logistics.
  • Improved site planning for Arctic land disturbance analyses.

Cold Challenges

  • Impacts of extreme environmental conditions on maneuver support materiel, tactics, and procedures.
  • Ability to operate equipment.
  • Dynamic snow, ice, and frozen ground interactions with vehicles.
  • Sustainment of operations.
  • Transportation and force projection over complex and remote terrain.

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