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Mission Statement
    To sustain training and restore the environment by rapid assessment of fate and transport of military contaminants under extreme terrain conditions.

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Developing Protocols for Characterizing Sites

  • Improved site characterization and monitoring methods for contaminated soils for remote and cold regions.
  • Protocols for finding and characterizing explosive residues in soils and water.
  • Development of laboratory methods and field screening analytical techniques.
  • Volatile organic compound sampling, handling, and analytical methodologies.

Identifying Fate of Explosives on Firing Ranges

  • Characterization of explosives on Department of Defense Ranges.
  • Incorporation of cold processes into models predicting the fate and transport of contaminants in soils and groundwater.
  • Geotechnical and geothermal field and model assessments of processes affecting contaminant pathways and distribution.
  • Geographic information system tools for contaminant data management.

Research on Military-Unique Compounds in Complex Terrain

  • Research to mitigate the impacts due to permafrost degradation.
  • Investigate seasonal and permanent frozen terrain interactions with military unique compounds.
  • Research to understand how climate variability affects permafrost distribution.

EFTG Challenges

    EFTG successfully integrates geochemistry and hydrogeology by asking critical research questions including:
  • How do military unique compounds behave in soil, sediment, and water?
  • Do terrain factors like geology anmd soils affect material distribution, fate, and transport?
  • Does range management (type of range, munitions, period of use, etc.) affect military unique compound distribution, fate, and transport?
  • Can these interactions be optimized to achieve range sustainability?

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