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In the 1970s, CRREL contributed to the planning and building of the trans-Alaska pipeline by providing data on the engineering properties of permafrost and thaw-susceptible soils and advice on the behavior of piles in permafrost.
CRREL's mobility research program focuses on forecasting state-of-the-ground conditions and improving trafficability in adverse winter conditions.
CRREL's mobility research program has also focused its research on improbing the capability of US forces to cross ice-covered rivers in South Korea.
In 1977, CRREL developed the concept and provided technical support for the relocation and live extension of this 3300-ton early-warning radar site on teh Greenland ice cap.
Seeding an ice cover in the Test Basin in the Ice Engineering Facility in preparation for an "ice forces on structures model" test.
A tracked Bobcat is used to knock down and smooth out the snow piles before testing can begin in the Ice Engineering Research Facility Research Area.
Evaluating the effectiveness of using surfactants to herd oil in ice-infested water on the refrigerated Test Basin in the Ice Engineering Facility.
A test is being conducted in the refrigerated Flume in the Ice Engineering Facility to evaluate the effectiveness of river training structures in shallow streams in cold regions.
Ice is being harvested from an outside pond for testing with oil.

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