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Research Participation Program: Soil Microbiology Project at Hanover, NH

    Two appointments are available at the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab in Hanover, New Hampshire. These appointments include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Conduct Army-funded research as part of the CRREL soil microbiology team to include:
      • describing cycles and perturbations in surface soils, the subsequent effects on the biology of the soils, and possible feedback mechanisms that amplify or attenuate the change,
      • identifying signature patterns from standoff sensing and relating these patterns to biological or biochemical changes in surface soil,
      • identifying persistence of microbial communities in surface soils and plants, and
      • describing and representing trends and uncertainty is soil systems.
    • The research can range from applied to basic, and can be laboratory, mesocosm, or field scale.
    • Experience with developing and using applications such as models or GIS representations is desired.
    • Author and co-author manuscripts and collaborate with others from government, academia, and industry.
    • Attend scientific conferences, meetings, and symposia.

    Click here for full details, requirements, POCs, and application information on Project #CRREL-LC-2011-019.

Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) Positions
  • Opening Date: Ongoing
  • Closing Date: Ongoing
  • For more information, contact

    LaShonna Dickinson
    Human Resource Specialist
    Telephone: 601-631-5762


Dartmouth College's Women in Science Program (WISP) (when available)

For information regarding other internships at CRREL, contact

Susan Koh
72 Lyme Road
Hanover, New Hampshire 03755-1290

Telephone: 603-646-4500
Fax: 603-646-4177

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